Why New York City is More than Just a “City”

new-york-690703_960_720I was listening to two German vacationers in Canada discuss the USA. They were describing all things that they didn’t like in the United States. They said New York City (NYC) was the exemption. They stated New York city had culture. New York City had a European feel to it. They said Europeans would certainly always love NYC as a result of its social aspect. Having taken a trip through many European cities, investing a lot money, I was thinking to myself that they were complementing themselves. There is no European city that is anything like NYC. Yes, there are interesting cities in Europe, old cities with a lot culture and history, cities that cannot be compared to anywhere else, yet with a NYC really feel? I do not believe so.

NYC cannot be as compared to any other city on the planet. It is the most densely inhabited city in North America. It is house to the United Nations. It is made up of 5 renowned districts; Manhattan, Brooklyn, Bronx, Staten Island and Queens. If all these boroughs were cities in their very own right, with the exemption of Staten Island, they would certainly be among the most largely populated cities in the United States and Canada. With 18.8 million people in NYC, the city has no shortage of people.

The city is unique and is among one of the most amazing position on earth. It is usually referred to as the city that never rests. There is always something to do in New York City. Yet it is New Yorkers who make the city what it is. And that consists of everybody, the Italians and the Jewish immigrants, aspiring actors, upset cab drivers, there are individuals that enjoy NYC as well as individuals that hate New York.

There is remarkable architecture to see in New York City. There is fascinating history to find out about. If one intends to visit galleries one could most likely to the Metropolitan Gallery of Fine Art, the Guggenheim Gallery, the Cooper-Hewitt, the Jewish Gallery, the Museum of The City of NYC, the Goethe House, all situated on just what is called “gallery mile.” All these museums lie on Fifth Avenue. Don’t worry, there are many more around NYC. If you are into the arts, then between the art galleries, Broadway, the ballet companies and their performances, you can’t find a better place on the planet than NYC.

Classical performances could be heard at the Lincoln Center, Carnegie Hall as well as Brooklyn Academy of Songs. One can even hear the NYC Opera totally free in Central Park during the summer. Jazz lovers could enjoy big names at Radio City Music Hall or Madison Square Garden. For the play enthusiast, many acting companies put on live plays during the summer all around NYC.  You can what you want about any other city in the US, but when it comes to NYC, there is absolutely nothing to complain about.