King of Queens Review

kingofqueensA spin-off of the preferred TV show, “Everyone Loves Raymond,” “King of Queens” initially struck the airwaves in the fall of ‘98. The program showcases the story of Doug Heffernan (played by comic Kevin James), a delivery-package guy for IPS (far different from UPS) and the program utilizes a lot of the exact same marriage and relationship humor discovered in Ray Romano’s smash hit comedy. With at least seven successful seasons under its belt, “King of Queens” is a humorous funny show well worth one’s time as well as interest …

Doug Heffernan, a tireless, sports-loving parcel distribution male living in Queens, NYC. In his thirties, and married to a charming female called Carrie (actress Leah Remini), Doug time, a huge part of it at least, is spent indulging in the glow of his advanced 70-inch television with two pals that share his fanatical love of sports, Spence and Deacon. But Doug’s personal life endures a destructive blow when Carrie’s widowed daddy Arthur (Jerry Stiller of Seinfeld) relocates with the couple. Doug’s beloved television room is changed into an in-law suite, and after several relocation efforts, the TV is pushed right into the garage. Also, Doug and Carrie must discover how to share their residence with an eccentric and aggravating, father/father-in-law with a propensity for messing up the pair’s well-grounded regimen.

The “King of Queens” includes a variety of hilarious episodes in which the audience finds out the background of Doug Heffernan and his household. Doug’s reign as one of the most envied male in his social circle comes to an end with his father-in-law relocation and taking the television room for his room. At the same time, Carrie’s sister, during her own personal dilemma, takes over Doug’s bathroom at one point. Various other remarkable episodes include “Paternal Matters” where Arthur, much to the chagrin of his son-in-law, tries to “woo” Doug’s Aunt Shelia, as well as “Crappy Birthday Celebration” where Carrie, concerned with her age as she turns 30, asks Doug to disregard her birthday celebration.